Welcome to The Bluebonnet Blog

Our headquarters in Bastrop. From our control center here we manage the delivery of electricity to more than 82,000 meters through 11,000 miles of power lines.

Greetings and welcome to Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s new corporate blog. My name is Will Holford and I’m Bluebonnet’s manager of public affairs.  Through this blog, I and other Bluebonnet employees and guest contributors hope to provide timely and interesting news, stories, commentary, photos and videos about all aspects of energy, from the global level to your home.

We’ll talk about your bill, how you use electricity and how you can save money. You’ll find information about electric cars and what you should know before you buy one, and about how electricity is generated and how it gets to you. We’ll talk about meters, energy management programs, smart appliances and other technology that’ll change our lives. You’ll learn what’s going on at Bluebonnet and in the communities we serve and live.

From where the power is generated to where it’s used, from advances in technology to changes in state and federal laws and regulations – all of this affects you in some way. We want to tell you how.

We also want to know what you have to say and what’s important and interesting to you. This blog is a great way for us to share information and get feedback. The Bluebonnet Blog will complement our pages in the monthly Texas Co-op Power magazine, on our website, www.bluebonnetelectric.coop, and on our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Bluebonnet is a member-owned electric distribution utility headquartered in Bastrop. Since 1939 we have been providing power to residents in all or part of 14 Central Texas counties, from the outskirts of Austin to what is rapidly becoming the outskirts of Houston. Today, we have more than 65,000 members, serve more than 82,000 meters and own and maintain more than 11,000 miles of electric lines. We don’t own the power plants that generate the electricity our members use. We buy power from two of the state’s best utilities – the Lower Colorado River Authority, a river authority established by the State of Texas, and CPS Energy, San Antonio’s municipally owned utility. Both provide reliable, competitively priced power for our members. We are governed by an 11-member board of directors elected by our members and led by Mark Rose, our chief executive officer.

That’s what Bluebonnet is.

I am a native Texan. I grew up in Austin and graduated from Texas State University, then Southwest Texas State, with a degree in print journalism and history. I have more than 14 years experience in communications. In addition to Bluebonnet, I’ve worked for newspapers and in the financial industry, state government and politics. I’m also a homeowner who pays monthly bills and worries about whether my thermostat is properly set and if there’s enough insulation in my attic. I want to know how I can use less energy and save more money, too.

I believe this is one of the most exciting times in history to be associated with the energy industry. Advances in technology in the coming years will forever change the relationship between you and your utility, and how you consume energy. Electric cars will use less or no gas, but consume more electricity. Smart appliances will turn themselves on and off, up or down depending on the price of electricity. Batteries in your home might store electricity generated by your own solar panels or wind turbine, to be used when energy prices soar or during power outages.

We at Bluebonnet look forward to bringing you some of that technology, telling you about innovations on the horizon and to hearing from you.

Will Holford

Contact me at will.holford@bluebonnet.coop


About Will Holford

Have you ever wondered about the future of electric use? Perhaps you’re curious about how some global or national events might impact your power, the environment or your bill? Maybe you’re just interested in what’s going on at Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative. We want to share what we know, and that’s what the Bluebonnet Blog is about. Will Holford, Bluebonnet’s Manager of Public Affairs, is going to write most often for the blog. He’s been with the co-op since 2007, and has worked in communications for more than 14 years. Will enjoys learning about energy – and writing about it. He and other Bluebonnet employees (and occasional guest contributors) will get the conversation going -- about everything from where your power is generated to where it’s used, advances in technology, changes that will affect you, and interesting peeks behind the scenes at the co-op. We welcome your comments, questions and ideas. Email Will at will.holford@bluebonnet.coop.
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One Response to Welcome to The Bluebonnet Blog

  1. Milton Shaw says:

    This is my first experience with a blog. Make it good so I will want to return.

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