Co-op’s capital credits mean money back to you

Next month’s bill will offer a good example of the benefits of being an electric cooperative member, rather than just a customer.

When you get your electric bill next month, look for the words “Capital Credits” and you’ll see a credit on your bill, money returned to you by the co-op. Similar to a dividend, Bluebonnet shares its excess revenue – the money it collects above what is required to run the business – with its members.

Everyone who buys, or has bought, power from Bluebonnet receives a Capital Credit. Current members get the credit on their May bill, and former members who are still owed money will receive a check, usually in June.

Bluebonnet has returned $18.7 million in capital credits to its members in the last five years. The co-op’s board of directors weighs the need to keep electric rates low and the necessity of keeping the co-op financially sound in deciding how much to pay in capital credits. You will see a capital credit for every meter on your account.

If you have questions, drop by one of our five member service centers in Bastrop, Brenham, Giddings, Lockhart or Manor and speak to a customer service representative, call 800-842-7708 or email Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


About Will Holford

Have you ever wondered about the future of electric use? Perhaps you’re curious about how some global or national events might impact your power, the environment or your bill? Maybe you’re just interested in what’s going on at Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative. We want to share what we know, and that’s what the Bluebonnet Blog is about. Will Holford, Bluebonnet’s Manager of Public Affairs, is going to write most often for the blog. He’s been with the co-op since 2007, and has worked in communications for more than 14 years. Will enjoys learning about energy – and writing about it. He and other Bluebonnet employees (and occasional guest contributors) will get the conversation going -- about everything from where your power is generated to where it’s used, advances in technology, changes that will affect you, and interesting peeks behind the scenes at the co-op. We welcome your comments, questions and ideas. Email Will at
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