Bluebonnet hosts delegation from the Electric Company of Ghana

A delegation of engineers from the Electric Company of Ghana tour Bluebonnet's state-of-the-art control center.

A delegation of engineers from the Electric Company of Ghana tour Bluebonnet’s state-of-the-art control center. Bluebonnet’s Wesley Brinkmeyer demonstrates the co-op’s advanced meter technology.

A group of engineers and technicians from the Electric Company of Ghana visited Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s headquarters and toured its state-of-the-art control center this month to learn more about how Bluebonnet deployed and utilizes advanced meter and other smart grid technology.

“Bluebonnet is widely recognized as having one of the most technologically advanced electric grids of any utility in the nation,” said Mark Rose, Bluebonnet’s general manager. “We are pleased and honored to share with the Electric Company of Ghana our experience and what we learned as we deployed technology that enables Bluebonnet to provide reliable power and for our members to know and control their energy use.” Continue reading

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New LED security lights shining in Central Texas nights

new and old lightThe future is brighter around Bluebonnet’s service area, thanks to new LED security lights we started offering our members Sept. 1. Members will now get 53-watt LED (light-emitting diode) security lights instead of 100-watt high-pressure sodium lights.

LED lights are used in digital clocks and watches, to transmit signals from remote controls to televisions and other electronic devices and to let us know when our appliances are turned on. Recently, they’ve been used in traffic lights, Christmas lights and in the enormous video displays in sports stadiums. They’re now becoming more common in security lights. Continue reading

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Bluebonnet’s members can now see online impact weather has on their energy use and electrict bills

Bluebonnet My EnergyBluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s members can now see on our website how weather directly impacts their energy use and electric bills. Bluebonnet recently introduced a new feature to its website: a line graph that overlays its members’ cost, usage and environmental impact charts.

Weather is the single biggest factor in how much energy homes and most businesses use, especially during hot, summer months. This new temperature display on our website will show that when temperatures rise, so do electric bills. It’s another powerful piece of information our members have with the click of a mouse that they can use to control, and potentially lower, their electric bills. Continue reading

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Fraud attempts target Bluebonnet’s and Pedernales’ members and Austin Energy’s customers

Last month we became aware of people falsely claiming to be Bluebonnet employees or contractors attempting to trick our members into paying supposedly late electric bills with prepaid money cards. The scam targeted Spanish-speaking members with residential and commercial accounts in the Bastrop area. Austin Energy also reported that its customers were being targeted, too. Continue reading

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Bluebonnet gives back $4.4 million to its members

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s board of directors voted in April to return $4.4 million to the co-op’s members. The money will be returned in the form of capital credits, which are similar to dividends that for-profit companies pay their investors. Capital credits are paid each year and represent a portion of each member’s share of their ownership in Bluebonnet. Continue reading

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Bluebonnet members beware of recent fraud attempts

Bluebonnet members have recently been targeted by people falsely claiming to be co-op employees or contractors attempting to trick them into making payments for supposedly delinquent accounts by using prepaid money cards, such as MoneyPak cards that can be bought at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and CVS/pharmacy. Continue reading

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To report a Bluebonnet power outage, call 800-949-4414

A well-intentioned woman called last week to report a tree limb that had fallen and hit a power line. The limb, she said in a concerned tone, was resting on a meter. She provided her name, her mobile phone number and the address where the limb had fallen, which is important information we needed to respond to the situation. Continue reading

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